Monday, November 10, 2008


    The greatest writer ever...of course !

      Her struggle to flee the Nazis gave a face to all those others
      that suffered during that time.
      As None other than Nelson Mandela explained... he and his
      fellow prisoners on Robben  Island often read  her diary, and
      recieved spiritual nourishment from it.

      Miep  Gies who helped Anne and her family to hide from
      nazis, and who is still living at age of 99, said of Anne that she
      lived completely "in the moment"..and that she bristled with Life !

      In a moment of sadness..Anne said  

      " I wander from room to room, feeling like a songbird whose wings
       have been ripped off--Hurling itself the bars in its darked cage"

       At first  publishers of  Anne's Diary did not expect it to be nearly
       as popular as it would become..but when a 'Very Impressed' 
       Eleanor  Roosevelt wrote an introduction for doubledays 1952 took off !

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